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—  Breads and pastries  —

Central and Eastern European inspired sweet and savory baked goods



—  Franzbrotchen  —
German Cinnamon Roll

—  Babka  —
Polish sweet bread swirled with chocolate or cinnamon

—  Almond Danish —
Traditional Viennese sweet pastry with a braided almond center

—  Trdelnik/Chimney Cake —
Czech style spit roasted cake swirled with cinnamon and sugar

—  Hand Pies —
Tender flaky shortcrust pastry with a filling of your choice


—  Cebulaki  —
Polish soft fluffy yeast roll topped with caramelized onions and poppyseeds

—  Knish  —
Ukrainian style flaky hand pie filled with potatoes, onions and leeks

—  Kolache  —
Czech style soft yeasted dough with house made bratwurst, swiss and gruyere center

—  Bierock  —
German soft sandwich roll filled with cabbage, onions, garlic, beef and butterkase cheese


—  Sourdough Boule  —
Sourdough round with a classic crust, good tang and soft chewy center

—  Sourdough Sandwich Loaf  —
Soft, chewy, tangy sandwich loaf

—  Marble Rye  —
Light and dark rye and caraway seed loaves spiraled in traditional fashion

—  German Brown Bread  —
Chewy dark bread flavored with molasses and honey

—  Russian Black Bread  —
Hearty seeded round loaf with flavors of fennel, caraway and shallots